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About Us

Musicom was founded in 1981 by its then and current owner John Matarazzo. Originally named

Intercon Music Corp it was established as a sales and marketing company with a client roster that included Columbia Records and EMI Records, as well as smaller independent record companies.


Matarazzo had previously spent many years as a session musician in New York and was acquainted with many record company executives and artists of the day including Clive Davis, Ahmet Ertegun, Paul Simon, Jerry Wexler, Dick Asher and many others. With the arrival of The Compact Disc (CD) in 1983 Matarazzo took the company into the recorded music distribution business and began selling CDs directly to all the major music retailers in the United States. Under the agreement the company had with Columbia Records, it was responsible for introducing the American recorded music market to Columbia’s vast catalog of International recording artists that including Julio Iglesias and many other internationally recognized live acts.


With the acquisition of Celluloid Records in 1989 the company became a full-fledged recording company. The label featured a diverse roster of artists and a culturally rich collection of music.

Hip-Hop artists like Afrika Bambaata, Grand Mixer D.ST, producer Bill Laswell, The Golden Palominos, The Last Poets, Manu DiBango, Whitney Houston and a host of other nationally and internationally recognized artists.


As music entrepreneurs committed to creativity and innovation, the labels under the new Musicom umbrella sought to shape culture through the power of artistry and creativity. Inspired by the work of the legendary Alan Lomax, the company moved into the area of field recordings of indigenous music in remote parts of the world including Europe, Africa, Indonesia, China, Tibet, India, South America and the Caribbean.


Today, Musicom is primary known for its decade catalog, featuring a roster of legacy recording artists and performers in virtually every genre of music from across the globe.


Music is a powerful force for good in the world and is unique in its ability to inspire people and bring them together. This is exactly what Musicom strives for, by continuing to work with artists and creators to inspire and serve the world community.

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